LED Driver for RGB IC Full Color Pixel Light

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LED Driver for RGB IC Full Color Pixel Light

The LED driver for RGB IC full color pixel light is suitable for 32 grade, 256 grade, and 4096 grade gray level control. When combined with video editing software LED Edit, it can generate special shapes, point light, line light and surface light, or play contents in SD card. If it is connected to more than 512 lamps each port, the frame rate would automatically reduce according to the number of lamps. Our product has gained the certificates of CE and ROHS.


Input Voltage5V~24V
Playback Speed30 frames/sec
Transmission InterfaceDMX 512
Transmission Speed250 Kbps
Control ModeFull color control
Memory CardSD card
DecoderP9813IC, D705IC, 6803IC, etc.
TypesPort No.Lamps Connected
T-2048 dots controller1512/1024 lamps each port
T-4000 dots controller4512/1024 lamps each port
T-8000 dots controller8512/1024 lamps each port

1. Totally, the maximum amount of full color LED pixel lamps that can be connected is about 2048pcs. All the lamps are with IC.
2. Please take the side of lamp with black IC as the signal input side to connect the controller.
3. Turn off the power supply before you pull out the SD card. Otherwise, the programme in the SD card will be damaged.
4. Commonly, each 300pcs of RGB pixel lamps can be directly connected to the power supply, so as to ensure the enough and uniform power supply for the lamps.
5. With IC, each pixel lamp can be controlled. It can display graphic, text, animation, video, etc., after programmed with special software and saved into the SD card.

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