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Full Color – RGB IC LED Guardrail Tube

The full color RGB IC LED guardrail tube has 256 grey levels, so it can achieve the effects of color jumping, fading, chasing, scanning and trailing, and perfect display of animations, texts, graphics, and videos. In any circumstances it can be arranged into various patterns and designs, or into a screen to play graphics and videos. So it is widely used as decoration lighting for building outline and large curtain wall, or as background lighting for ceiling, corridor, and fence. Our product features low power consumption and good endurance to extreme weather and climate, thus it is suitable for long-term outdoor operation.


Product NameFull Color LED Digital Tube
Casing SpecificationD shaped ( 30x30 mm, 50x37mm, 50x50mm, 80mm, 100mm, 110mm) Round shaped (50x50mm, 80mm,100mm , 110mm)
LED Source108pcs LEDs /m 144pcs LEDs /m
Power Consumption10.8w14.4w
Emitting Angel75°~120°
ColorRGB (256 grey levels)
Input VoltageDC:24V / AC:220V DC12V, DC5V, AC110V
Control ModelInternal /External control, Serial Connection
Operating Temp.-20℃ ~60℃
IP RatingIP67
Casing MaterialTransparent Casing/Oyster White Casing
Pixel Segments/meter6 segments/8 segments/16 segments/32 segments

1. The DC: 24V is under external control, while as the AC: 220V is under internal control.
2. The function of text, graphic, video display can be programmed, and the content is changeable.

Specification ¢ 50x37MM D-shaped Tube¢ 50MM Round Tube¢ 50x50MM D-shaped Tube¢ 80MM D-shaped Tube
LED Source 108pcs LEDs /m 144pcs LEDs /m 108pcs LEDs /m 144pcs LEDs /m 108pcs LEDs /m 144pcs LEDs /m 108pcs LEDs /m 144pcs LEDs /m
Power Consumption 10.8w 14.4w10.8w 14.4w 10.8w 14.4w 10.8w 14.4w
Illuminance 540lm 720lm 540lm 720lm 540lm 720lm 540lm 720lm
Emitting Angel 75°~120°
Color RGB
Input Voltage DC:24V/AC:220V
Control Model Internal /External control, Serial Connection
Operating Temp. -20 ℃ ~60℃
IP Rating IP65
Casing Material Transparent Casing/Oyster White Casing
Pixel Segments 6 segments/8 segments/16 segments

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