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Our LED strip or rope light is designed for the holiday decoration of gardens and city halls. It is flexible to be bent into any shapes without deformation, to contour the buildings and constructions with cutting lengths of one and two meters. The PVC material contributes to its high endurance to water, pressure, heat, and aging, which enables the rope light to perform well both indoors and outdoors. All of our products have a waterproof level of IP67 and a long lifespan over 50000 hours. Different voltages bring about different lighting effects. The micro-computer controller gives the light functions of glistering and color-changing.

LED rope light has a large application scope. It provides decoration for house, hotel, marketplace, bar, auditorium walkway, canopy, amusement park, and lightening for car, ceiling, background wall and emergency exit pathway of theatre, cinema and train.

1. Our LED strip light is easy to maintain and assemble. It can be cut off on the marked place to be added with suited accessories.
2. This weather and temperature proof product consumes less power.
3. The high qualified anti-aging PVC material is applied.

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