LED DIP Dot Light In 30 / 50 / 80 /100 / 120mm Size

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LED DIP Dot Light In 30 / 50 / 80 /100 / 120mm Size

Similar to the LED pixel light, the LED DIP dot light not only can be applied to dot matrix display screens, but also used to the architectural lighting and indoor decorative lighting. It comes with five series, all of which are provided with the waterproof grade up to IP 65. Our dustproof product is durable, and even can work well in the temperature of -20℃ to 60℃, no matter in rainy or stormy weathers. It is durable with the life span at least 50,000hours. Also due to its high brightness, it is the optimal choice for outdoor decoration, like curtain wall, bridge outline, etc.

This LED DIP dot light with 12V constant voltage has two types of round white point lights. Its Φ30 type applies the translucent housing, and the Φ50 type is equipped with honeycomb housing. Our product is available with other three types, whose specifications are separately 80×80mm, 100×100mm, and 120×120mm. Those three kinds are respectively installed with 24, 63 and 48 pieces of LEDs.


SpecificationΦ30 transparent/
white point light
Φ50 honeycomb/
white point light
LED Source7 LEDs/pcs 20pcs/bunch9 LEDs/pcs 20pcs/bunch24LEDs/pcs36LEDs/pcs48LEDs/pcs
Power Consumption0.7 W/pcs0.9W/pcs2.4W/pcs3.6W/pcs4.8W/pcs
Input VoltageDC 12VDC 12VAC220VAC220VAC220V
Emitting Angel120°
ColorFull color
Operating Temp.ˉ20℃ ~60℃
Waterproof RateIP68
Working Life≥50000H
FeaturesHighly bright, flexible, durable, low cost, high efficiency
Applicationuse as background of signs, decoration of exterior wall, outlines of bridge and building, etc.

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