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Projects By LED Module

As a professional LED signage, decoration, and lighting product manufacturer, we are endlessly committed to make super qualified products, especially the LED module. Holding the advantages of long service life, no radiation, and low power consumption, our LED module is extensively applied to signs, decorations, or even as the lighting source for lighting box, plaza, pubs, clubs, hotels, and other business buildings.

The LED modules series we make is available with many types, including single red, yellow, blue, green, white, and seven color or full color ones. Generally speaking, white color is the most favorable and popular one. Others like seven or full color, red, yellow, blue, green ones are mostly used to decorate shopping mall, displaying cabinet of luxurious items, and some background for clubs. According to the power aspect, we have both common types and high-power ones. We also have super flux, DIP, and SMD ones, based on the encapsulation method. On the basis of molding technology, our product could be epoxy or injection type. Therefore, we offer a wide range of choices for you different projects. No matter what kind of product you choose, it will absolutely provide you a nice advertising. Last but not least, our product comes with guaranteed quality and service.

Below are some projects to illustrate the application and function.

Light box Light box Light box Full color module project Full color module project Full color module project

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