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Our 3528 SMD LED module applies the imported LED chips to ensure low light degradation. It offers high brightness and wide beam angle without shadow. The silicone rubber material is used for the illuminant encapsulation to offer high lighting effect and prolong the life span. Meanwhile, the super qualified ABS material allows the durable long time usage in server weather condition. Moreover, our product also utilizes the glass fiber circuit board with good heat dissipation, to enhance its stable performance. Its life span is up to 80,000 hours. Apart from the aforesaid advantages, this product also comes with safe operation with the working voltage of only DC12V. A low power consumption of 0.1w/LED is required. 2 years' warranty will be offered.

By far, our 3528 SMD LED module has two kinds such as traditional glue waterproof types and injection waterproof types, both of which apply the anti-corrosive and colorfast materials. Its shell of high thermal conductivity is used to ensure the excellent heat dissipation, durability, and elegant appearance. Based on you actual application, the protective lamp shade can be specially designed to greatly improve the luminous effect.

As a professional LED signage supplier, we can produce the LED module with long service life, no radiation, and low power consumption.

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