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LED Logo /Sign Projects by SMD Pixel Light

Installation Precaution
1. The sign should be installed at least 7 meters above the ground.
2. Prior to installation, the lights should be tested on lighting, so as to ensure whether they are in good condition or not.
3. The layout of the LEDs should be accomplished before installation.
4. When installing, just put the LEDs one by one into the punched holes. Be aware that the single color ones and RGB IC color ones are different in the diameter of holes. Their diameters are separately 12mm and 16mm.
5. For single color ones, each after connected will be given enough power supply in DC12V, and its lighting angle will be up to 180°. Also, it is high in brightness. According to personnel usage, the brightness can be adjusted via a remote controller.
6. For RGB IC ones, they need power and controller to realize the color effect. We use super stable IC to ensure the data and signal in transferring when in application.

1. First, install all the lights into the punched holes. All the lights should be in series connection.
2. Then, equally divide all the lamps into several groups accordingly with the power supply capacity.
3. Next, series connect the connections of each bunch during each group with power supply wire. Each bunch has 50pcs LEDs.
4. At last, connect to power supply directly at the middle position of each group power supply wire, so that the whole signage will get uniform power supply.
5. For RGB IC type, a controller is a necessary. While connecting, red wire on pixels is for power input, white wire for GND or COM on controller, and green wire for DAT or DATA, which is very easy.

Troubles Shooting
1. Symptom: The whole signage is nonuniform in brightness.
Solution: Connect power supply wire to these parts are not as bright as others.
2. For Full Color Pixel Sign Lamp or Light
a. Symptom: One or several lamps don't work, which has no influence on the overall color changing of the signage.
Solution: Cut off the bad lamp and connect with a new one
b. Symptom: That the lights except the first one have no color changing effects, may be caused by the IC inside the lamp.
Solution: Cut off that lamp and connect with a new one
c. Symptom: The signage has no color changing, and it is out of control, just showing different color in a clutter. That may be the problem with SD card or controller.
Solution: Try new SD card or change new controller.
5. Symptom: Whole or part of the signage cannot be turned on, since the lamp cannot get power supply. It may be the problem with power supply or power supply wire.
Solution: Please check whether all the power supply wires are connected well or not, or if there is power supply wire broke down. Also, you can change a new power supply.

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