3528 Slim SMD LED Module (Traditional Waterproof Glue)

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3528 Slim SMD LED Module (Traditional Waterproof Glue)

The LS-SMD-X3528WP3L slim SMD LED module offers high brightness and wide beam angle without shadow. Using the silicon material for the illumination encapsulation, the lighting effect is improved and the life span is prolonged. Due to the super qualified ABS housing, our product can be long-term used in the harsh weather conditions. Besides that, it also applies glass fiber circuit board of good heat dissipation, to enhance its stable performance. With the optional fixing holes and 3M adhesive tapes, the LEDs can be easily installed.

Traditional glue waterproof type and injection waterproof type are offered for your choice, both of which apply the fadeless material with excellent resistance to corrosion. In addition, the shell of high thermal conductivity is adopted to ensure long service time, excellent heat dissipation, and pretty appearance. Based on the customer's actual application, specially designed protective lamp shade can be provided to greatly improve the luminous effect.

LED TypeSMD3528 glue waterproof type
Available ColorRead,Yellow,Green,Blue,White
Angle of View (θ) 120°
Luminance Flux (lm)
Wavelength Range (nm or K)
LED Qty / Module3pcs
Working Voltage(V)DC12V
Power Consumption(w)0.24W
LED Shellantistatic, UV resistance, clarity PC
Dimension of LED3.5mm X 2.8mm
Working Temperature-40ºC ~ +60ºC
IP GradeIP67
LED TypeColorLuminous Flux (lm)Light Intensity (mcd )Wave Length (nm) Color Temperature (K)
3528White5-61500-17004000-4500& 6000-6500& 11000-12000
Warm White4-51500-17002500-2700& 2800-3200

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