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Single Color LED Light

The single color LED light that utilizes the famous brand LED chip and advanced encapsulation technology, is designed to meet a higher level demand in LED pixel lights illuminated letter signage market. Compared to the traditional DIP bulb type, it is available with the waterproof level up to IP68, lumen of 18 to 20ml, as well as the stable working temperature of -30℃ to 60 ℃. Moreover, its lighting angle is of 160°. Owing to its excellent performances, this product is warmly welcomed by domestic and overseas customers.

Our single color type product is available with the PVC outer-sheath of different candy colors, including red, green, blue, yellow, white, etc. Most importantly, it not only offers the outstanding lighting effect at night, but also it well matches with the color of panel background, so as to ensure the distinctive bright and shining effect of the daytime advertising. Our product with SMD 5050 as its lighting source is ideal for high-rise buildings. Mounted with the controller, it also can go dimmer and brighter, to create any color changing effect that you desire.

Type of LED: SMD 5050Diameter of Holes: 12mm
Color: white, red, yellow, blue, greenWaterproof Grade: IP68
Input Voltage: DC12VWork Current: 0.02A
Power Consumption: 0.24W/pcsWork Temperature: -40-60℃
Beam Angle: 180°Installation Qty.: 50pcs per string
Lifespan: 80,000h or 10yearsLumen:20-22ML

1. The LEDs are housed by injection machine. UV powder is used to prevent UV radiation.
2. With the proper flexible soft PVC cover, our product can be conveniently and steadily installed. Plus the reasonable design, the LEDs can be easily pushed or pulled out, which makes the installation and maintenance much more convenient.
3. This single type LED light is graceful in appearance with transparent color.
4. The connecting wire comes with the length of 100mm±5%.

1. This single color LED light is ideal for the outside channel letters and bright lighting projects, for instance, exterior signs or signage, commercial advertising signs, etc.
2. It is also applicable for indoor application, including company LOGO, signage, and so on.

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