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LED Projects By LED Pixel Light

Illuminated Letter
The LED pixel light can be applicable for the illuminated letter. Pay attention that only LED bulbs are allowed to appear on the plate surface. Therefore, only the pixel light manufactured by the professional staff can meet this special requirement.

The rgb full color pixel led lights , have to install as the designed diagram exactly , and connect them to the power supply and controller as the connecting diagram . After installed , it can serve as the signs in entertainment places , high-class places , or as the lighting sources of all facilities .

Installation Step
This LED project is mainly divided to several steps. Firstly, use the exposed lights to fill the drilled holes. Next, select the waterproof adhesive to seal the exposed wires. Lastly, connect the wires with the power supply. Here below are the details of how to install RGB and RGB IC illuminated letter:

1. Install the LED pixel lights into the punched holes. All the lamps should be in series connection.
2. Then, all the lamps should be equally divided into several groups. For the single color pixel lamp, each group includes 500pcs. Meanwhile, 300pcs are as a group for RGB pixel lamp including Seven Color or Full Color Pixel Lamp.
3. During each group, 50pcs are as a bunch. Use the power supply wire to connect the connections of each branch in series.
4. Finally, directly connect the power supply to the middle position of each group power supply wire, so as to ensure the uniform power supply for the whole signage.

Troubles Shooting
1. If the whole signage is uneven in brightness, then connect the power supply to those parts that are not as bright as others.
2. For Full Color Pixel Lamp
a. One or several lamps are out of order. This phenomenon will not influence the color changing of the whole signage. You can cut off the broken lamp, and replace it with a new one
b. That the lamps have no color changing effects, is the problem with IC inside the lamps. Also, you can replace them with new ones.
c. In case that the whole signage is out of control , just showing different colors in a clutter with no color changing effects , it shows that no data inputs , please check the connecting is correct or not , then check the controller ; there’re 2 bulbs in the controller , one is for power , the other is for the error ; if the controller and the program work well , only the power bulb lights , it proves that the connecting is wrongly ; if the error bulb lights or error bulb and power bulb light together , it shows that the controller cann’t read the program , please check whether the controler and sd card is well or whether the program match with the lights .
3. You need to check the power supply or power supply wire, if some or all the lamps of the signage cannot get the power supply to be turned on.

Frequent Questions and Answers
Q1: How long is the distance between each lamp?
For the 9mm single color pixel lamps, the distance between the light centers will be 2 to 6cm, and 3cm is the frequently used distance. As for the 12mm pixel lamps, 3 to 8cm distance is allowed. In most instances, the distance is 3.5cm.

Q2: How many lamps will be installed for per square meter?
About 550 to 600 pieces of 9mm single color pixel lamps are needed for per square meter. The installation amount of the 12mm pixel lamps is from 350 to 400pcs/m2. If making led display billboard , need 1024pcs rgb full color pixel led lights .

Q3: How to select power supply?
First, choose the power supply with the same voltage as that of the LED pixel lamp. Then, calculate the overall power consumption of the signage. Please note that have to add more 20% of the amount for the power wastge .

For instance, we have a project, which is installed with 1000pcs of 0.3W full color pixel lamps. Then the total power consumption will be 300W.To take the power loss into consideration, the power supply should be around 300W*1.2.

Q4: What are the differences between 9mm and 12mm Pixel Lamps?
They are different mainly in application and LED size. The 9mm pixel lamp usually applies the LEDs with the size of 5mm, and it is suitable for the signs of any size. Differently, 12mm pixel lamp adopts the LEDs whose size is of 8mm. It is applied to the sign of 6 to 7 meters.

Q5: What are the differences between the seven color pixel lamp without IC and full color pixel lamp with IC?
They are different in three aspects.
a. Control mode: the RGB pixel lamp without IC is group controlled to offer group color changing effect. The type with IC is point controlled with SD card controller, and each lamp can receive signal from controller separately. It can show different color at the same time.
b. Effects: the type with IC can realize many different effects depends on the program we designed in the SD card, such as gradual color changing, color skipping, scanning, flashing, running water, display text, graph, animation and video etc. But the type without IC just has fixed programme in the controller. It just can show color changing effect by group, such as color changing gradually, skipping, flashing, static-state mixing color.
c. Connection way: the type without IC can connect the wires freely, but the one with IC must be strictly in accordance with the connection diagram.

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